September 10th, 2014

not swearing

Update ramble

What have I been doing?

I'm still at school, finishing one last unit before I decide what to enroll in for postgrad. Need to do some thinking on that pretty soon, actually. My non-fiction teacher is currently trying to help me write with fewer words.

I've written a 140 000 word fantasy novel (first of a trilogy) featuring trans and non-binary mentally-ill protagonists, a diverse queer-as-fuck supporting cast and a pairing who weren't supposed to have chemistry but kind of ended up with it. It's currently at my boss/editor now for a manuscript assessment, along with a couple of other writing and trans friends. One of them told me that she loved how real the characters felt with regards my depiction of mental illness, so I'm exited. My plan is to try and submit it to agents at the end of the year; my end goal is to see it on the fantasy bookshelf of a regular bookstore. This may not happen, but I mean to try. And I can publish it myself if nothing else works out.

On publication, production and minor detours into philosophy!Collapse )

So tell me, if you would, how you're doing! I've got a long time to catch up on!